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Tourism in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan has a great touristic potential that is growing day by day. This is a fascinating land full of legends and its history. Here you will find a lot of different ancient monuments which are integral part of the rich history of this region. Ancient settlements, fortress walls, fascinating monuments of architecture rich with its historical beauty will appear in front of you. In its time the territory of modern Turkmen state gave a start to many great civilizations of the East...more



Merv oasis ( 40 km from Mary) is one of the most ancient territories of Central Asia . There irrigation was first introduced. So it's not surprising that it was there that one of the largest cities of ancient world - Merv ( Margush, Margiana, Mary) was built on that territory . The origin of Merv is shrouded in mystery e s. more




Astana-baba Mausoleum

The mausoleum is a part of the memorial complex consisting of a mosque and a tomb. As a matter of fact they are several buildings constructed it various periods. T hey stay so closely to each other that it is difficult to imagine the original shape of the structure. more




Kopet Dag reserve

The Kopet Dag reserve is located in the central Kopet-Dag part of Turkmenistan. It is founded in 1976, the area is more than 49thous. ha, more than 46 thous. are forests and 3584 they are grasslands. The relief is mountainous. more


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