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Akhaltekin - horses
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A lot of researchers are inclined to consider as it the most ancient breed of cultural horse breeding. The chronicles of Tiglatpalasar (1115 – 1077 B.C.) is considered to be the first historical data about oriental horse. Herodot described 10 sacred horses in the magnificent harness which conducted in front of the sacred Akhuramazda chariot in Xerxes’s army. These horses were cultivated on the Niseyskaya plain from “Merv up to Bulkh (modern Afghanistan) in Media”.

The description of ancient nisey horse, harmonious, with the long thin and flexible neck, large eyes, fine-moulded head, and harmonious strong legs was kept…

Long since, as the test of breed, the horse race on the distance from 10 to 50 km were arranged, and Akhalteke passed them with ease that has given a birth to numerous legends how the racer has overtaken a falcon therefore the Turkmen give to Akhalteke horses the names of birds – Melekush, Garagush, Lachyn, Durna, Burgut. These horses are truly the highest achievement of the Turkmen people. Throughout the history of the nation, they have always been loyal to their masters and servants, and friends and closest relatives. They were honored, there were songs and tales about the horses. Akhalteke breeding is the old tradition and not last section in the economy of the country. Paying tribute to this glorious animal, in 1992 Turkmenistan established the national holiday - "The Day of theTurkmen Horse."


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